Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Taxes on your Capital Gains is on the line. Go Vote.

Please do not vote for Obama for the next 4 years.

While I do not agree with all the parts of any one party stance or party platform.  I do truly see major problems with continuing down the path our current White House is heading.

Most policy is done in the Capital building.  That houses the Congress and House of Representatives.  BUT that is the Republican and Democrat party controlled playground.  There many bills that are going to affect various parts of our lives are debated and voted on and modified and many "log rolling" trades of influence takes place.

But in the White House the influencers are the selections and pressing opinions of the president.  
Our current president is making some decisions that I do not like.  Stopping the pipeline that would bring oil into the USA from Canada for example.  I think it’s a big mistake.  We must reduce gas prices or our economy will keep sputtering! 

One problem that many do not see fully yet is the huge cost of Obama Care taxes.  This is starting at 3.8 % of all capital gains in just a few weeks come Jan 1 2013.  That is an extra % off of all your Real Estate and Stock sales from now on!  A big chunk!  Nation Wide!  That is huge.  I got a tiny refund check from my insurance company.  I'll pay $60,000 to $70,000 extra tax on the sale of my house or apartment building to pay for that measly $50 dollar refund check.  And my health insurance premium with up by over $500 per year.  Not OK. 

Then the news that CNN and other news outlets falsified the news re. the attacks on our consulate.  And that they are making bad decisions that lead to more military deaths.  Please tell me this is not so?

You be the judge.

Review this for the Military position:

And research the News falsified...

I'm not interested in false Propaganda. 

I am very much interested in the removal of a White House that is not leading to a place of prosperity or safety or security.

Please see this movie and THINK about what you want going forward.
The Obama Movie 2016:
It is long but for those who want to know what the “Political Chops” our sitting president brings to the white house you will appreciate the full treatment of the topic of what the man has associated himself with and how he sees the world.  What is the benefit of his special view?   I’m not in alignment but YOU need to find your own view.  So watch the full show.

Then there is this very cool video...  A 13 year old kid does a report card for review of the record...   It is cute and really to the point on the key issues in this election.  The short one to watch. 

I'm for Energy Independence.  AND reducing the price of gas.

I'm not for the perpetration of the Demo vs Repub status quo.  The same old stuff from the same old stuff shirts.  Voting for Obama only because he is on the Democrat ticket is too simplistic. WE the People (Us) need to think more deeply.  What does this election mean on the topics that really affect us.  Maybe we all need to think about more than just the two party system.  What would that mean?  I think it would mean we voted "For" something.

Are you really a Libertarian?

Are you really a Peace and Freedom?

Are you more aligned to Green Party?

Do you know the actual platform of the Democrats?

Or the full platform of the Republican Party?

No one person is able to be "For" all the items in any group's platform.  But you can have a sway in what one person is going to carry our nation forward in the White House for the next 4 years.  Please vote wisely.


Keith Lambert

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