Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Know The Difference Between Solvable Problems And Livable Constraints - Thoughts on Change

Interesting Quote came across my desk today.
"A problem is solvable. A constraint must be lived with. The art is in telling them apart.

For years, Apple viewed retail distribution as a constraint. They had to live with cranky independent computer stores, or big box mass merchants that didn't display or sell their products well. Using the internet and then their own stores, they eventually realized that this was actually a problem that could be solved.

On the other hand, there are countless entrepreneurs who believe they can solve problems relating to funding or technology that are out of reach given their scale or background. They'd be better off if they accepted them as constraints and designed around them."

- Seth Godin, from Seth Godin's blog

so Financing is a Constraint.

Many of the features of the landscape around the property is a constraint.

Knowing how to solve a problem or adjust a feature is another thing. How we reach a new renter base or reconfigure to get more revenue streams are the higher and better solutions or better end results that enhance property values.

With local knowledge and an overall big picture view we can tap onto those new options. Sometimes by changing simple things like renting it furnished. Or other times by not so easy things that take years of working with the city.

Rewards for the investor comes to those who see a positive change and goes after it.

Email or Call if you want to pursue a positive future in the local Los Angeles Real Estate marketplace. There are some changes coming to the area.

Let's tap one for you.


Keith Lambert