Monday, January 09, 2012

Venice Beach lodging - Fun and Cool.

OKay if you are coming to the Los Angeles area to search for a new place you need a short term rental... Or say you are a business transfer and want a week of good housing while you search for a long term apartment but do not want a boring hotel.

THEN the answer is the Venice Suites or Venice Breeze Suites.

You can find all the info on

Really cool to look out your windows and check out the serf on the beach. WiFi for the guests. And Venice Suites does include parking. A big deal in beach towns up and down the coast. Ask if parking is included. Many of the other places will say No.

Stay at the best. Right on Venice Beach for the views and fun hip feel.

IMHO. These are the best.


PS the new Google Offices are a little way away in Venice on Main Street.