Friday, November 18, 2011

Los Angeles Multi-Family Property Owners defended in the Court

Very good news recently. Our properties are defended by the courts from the LA Housing Department.

So the various inspections and many various citations and harassment are hopefully coming to a stop!

This will reduce the likelihood of the harsh REAP situation that costs the owner thousands and makes legal trouble for many. Some have even lost their property!

This is a bombshell ruling! Since that time tens of thousands of properties have been placed into REAP due to supposed building code infractions cited by non-authorized LAHD inspectors. Hundreds of Millions of Dollars have been confiscated from Landlords since December 1, 1999 because of matters relating to building code violations once again cited by non-authorized LAHD inspectors.
See the link for more information. And a Thank You to Superior Court Judge Jaffe for this ruling helping to protect Housing Providers from the LAHD in its heavy handedness.

Most small businessmen (and businesswomen) who have apartment buildings (multifamily dwellings of all sizes) have been terrorized by the next city or county inspector to knock on our door.

Excess fees and taxes and petty inspections loaded with fines are killing our bottom lines.

We must band together with groups like ACTION (in Santa Monica) and AAGLA (in Los Angeles) or other associations to protect ourselves from big government abuses. they are the few who can fight the fight with/for/together so we do not get overwhelmed.


Keith Lambert