Monday, September 20, 2010

Santa Monica's Smokers must retreat to indoors

They Live in "la-la land" in Santa Monica City Hall
MEANING: noun,
1. A place or a state of being out of touch with reality.
2. A place known for frivolous activities.
Finally, a fictional land that is named after a real place. The term la-la land is coined from the initials of the city of Los Angeles, home of Hollywood, alluding to the fictitious nature of the movies, sets, etc.

Santa Monica's Smokers must retreat to indoors because of new ordinance

New Laws are in Affect.. see - SM Soking_ban_takes_effect_today

So all of Santa Monica's Anti Smoker residents can now sue each smoker for fouling the air. And all property owners and managers have to take on an extra burden to publish the information to the tenants.

OK then the smokers will get themselves declared a protected class as they are "Disabled" and must give in to their addiction. Since they can not stop themselves and therefor not liable to the other hostile tenant. Then the rental property owner who was providing a needed service (housing) is now the new victim as they both sue the housing provider. One for protection as a Disabled renter. One for maintaining unsafe housing near a smoker.

I see dreaded litigation ahead. Santa Monica is leading ahead of the curve and making trouble for many. Are you OK with the city outlawing everything?

Smokers are prosecuted by Anti Smokers. What is next? Surly it is not an Anti Pot Smokers of Santa Monica group doing this. Now I have to notice tenants of their right to sue each other over smoking on balconies.

Personally I do not care what they smoke. The real results that affect me is that this rule forces all smokers inside, the only space left. I just have to scrape the tar and nicotine goo off of the walls and ceilings before we clean and paint between tenants. Uggh Ugly.

IMHO We housing providers can handle this. But it can get out of hand in the future.

Working to protect your RE Assets
Keith Lambert