Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today's Real Estate - Going Up or is it still Down...

... That is the question. You and I both know you can not expect real estate to always be going up. But why expect it to always be going down once it turns south?

We know it is Real Estate that is the basis of most significant wealth in the US of A. I've seen multiple cycles. I've seen interest rates as high as 18% in the 1980's. Never have I seen interest rates this low.

Nice article at DSNews about the report just released yesterday (Tuesday 2-21-2012) The Economics are changing for the better. Lending to 82% LTV. More loans being made? This is really great news. Normalcy is coming back to Real Estate.

So this imply's we are at the beginning of the rebound.

It most likely is the type of info to really look hard at if you want to buy at the start of the upswing in real estate values. Call me to review your goals. I am sure we can find a property that can enrich you and give you financial security.

Income or rental properties. Not just the one single family home purchase. You need an income producing portfolio of real estate to protect you and secure your financial future.

This is where I can help.


Keith Lambert

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