Monday, April 21, 2014

Totally revamped a top end unit... Is it worth it?

Not long ago we did a unit make over and the rent went up approx $300 per month over the similar unit next door rented just 6 months prior.  (area of 18th Street and Montana Ave in Santa Monica)

Now we are taking a top unit to the top level of fix up.  Not just a high end paint job.  A full NEW Kitchen.

Granted it is a top floor unit with high ceilings and some Ocean Views.  But the kitchen will be getting a MASSIVE investment in counter topps and back splash in granite.  AND all appliances upgraded to really good equipment with black and Stainless Steel!

$4k in appliances.  $4k in granite.  Substantial labor time to fix and upgrade much of the apartment.  AND of course the new high end paint and New Carpet.

Well?   What will the rent change be?  What is the payback on this massive investment?

If the last rent was $2650 per month with nice amenities what will this even nicer unit bring?
(area is Euclid Street half way between Montana Ave and Wishire Blvd. in Santa Monica)

I'll post more on this project.


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